Monday, November 27, 2017

☸️ Mr. Bodhi's Big Adventure

My pal Bodhi went on the biggest adventure of his young life this past weekend. Kelly, Stella, and I had a pretty good time, too.

A white Labrador Retriever laying on a hardwood floor

Our friends have found a lovely, small house for weekend getaways at Lake Gaston after a couple of years looking. Another couple of months working through the real estate shuffle on “lake time” conveyed ownership a week or so ago. We had the honor of being their first guests, and our dogs were invited along for the weekend.

If you’ve ever rented or visited a home on a lake, you know the last twenty minutes or so of driving is a winding tour of lake contours. Two-lane roads pass a lot of very old homes and trailers, but properties improve markedly as you near the lake's edge. We came around a corner and discovered our friends’ cozy A-frame on a neat half-acre of property.

After three-plus hours of driving, our two big dogs riding together in the back seat were ready for a stretch and exploration.

Our friends brought Riley, their sheepadoodle, along for the weekend. This was Bodhi’s first extended time with a new dog, and he wasn’t so sure about himself at first. Riley’s a big boy. After a few minutes of sniffing, dancing around, and running back and forth, though, things settled out. Stella found a comfortable spot to lay in, Bodhi and Riley began playing as two young dogs will, and we got a tour of the house.

The place is a great escape from weekday work and living; quiet, comfortable, small enough that maintenance will be minimal, yet big enough for guests. The lake is a tee shot across the road, and a nearby property rents slips for boating.

We spent two days enjoying our friends’ company, eating well, and sipping a few beers and cocktails. Mike and I tackled a handful of small projects that needed attention, making the inevitable run to Lowes for supplies. My pal Bodhi wore himself out each day wrestling with Riley. It gave him another measure of confidence with other dogs. He’s in that critical part of his life where confidence can wax or wane, and if it wanes he’ll never be comfortable in groups of dogs. I’m glad he took so well to Riley. The verdict was that for a five-month old pup, he’s a well-behaved boy. I’m proud of my little pal.

The weekend passed too quickly. Before we knew it, we were packed back into the car and driving north the Sunday after Thanksgiving. A tip from our friends and Waze took us along back roads, avoiding the mob driving home. Much of the traffic was headed south, but there were enough cars headed our direction that the back roads took just an extra fifteen minutes. Well worth the detour.

The Warrenton dog park opened last week, so beginning this Saturday we’ll take Bodhi there for a run around the grass, and visits with other dogs. The park came along at just the right time for us; Bodhi received his rabies vaccine just a couple of weeks ago, so the earliest we could begin visiting it was this past weekend, anyway. Keeping Bodhi familiar with a wide variety of dogs will be an important part of his development, and the park perfectly fits his walking route.

(Photo courtesy Alyssa Sorosiak.)

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