Wednesday, November 1, 2017

☸️ Wore the Boy Out

Labrador Retriever loafed out with Golden Retriever

Today was a first for Bodhi. He spent an hour or two out of his kennel while I took a long walk to visit an old friend, free to roam the house with Stella. He did great. I returned to see him wander around a corner of the living room to see who’d come in the door, a sleepy look on his face promptly followed by a yawn. He'd slept in like a big dog, with our Big Dog.

I’d taken him for a walk of his own earlier. We have a loop neighborhood nearby where we can walk the street almost exclusively. Traffic is next to non-existent. It’s often the case that by the halfway point Bodhi grabs the lead and tugs his way home. Today we did a close heel much of the way, letting him roam through the grass only part of the way.

The only thing that upset his behavior was a dog or two, barking from a nearby house. Bodhi does not like barking dogs. We made it past the offenders with a firm hand on his lead, right down near his harness. The rest of the walk was pleasant for both of us.

MCB Quantico was holding artillery activities today, which can be felt, but not heard here at our home. He didn’t bat an eye all day. Stella was less than sanguine about artillery practice and ordnance disposal. Zele didn’t give it much attention in her day. Bodhi was more interested in the birds out front and his stick on the porch.

We did a medium-length training session to cap off our day. Ten minutes of close heeling, in and out of the garage, then a “stay" as the garage door came down. The rest were a series of “come" (some only after I’d called his name, but not given the command, to test whether he was responding to my voice or the command), and “down,” which has challenged him until today. We just drilled it over and over, and he did well.

There’s a noticeable difference training after a long walk and a snooze vs. a day at our shop or without a walk. He’s calmer for the exercise and the quiet house. The good boy got plenty of praise, tiny training treats, and capped his day out of the kennel with a an hour out front on his own. He’s sacked out now, though dinner time isn’t far off.

I’ll be off to visit my sister and her family tomorrow, and Bodhi will be on guard with Stella until I return. I don’t know that he knows what that is yet, but he’s going to spend some time doing it one way or the other.

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