Monday, December 11, 2017

☸️ First Snow

A white Labrador Retriever running in snowBodhi encountered snow for the first time this past week. By turns surprised, curious, excited, and then ecstatic, he decided he loved it and spent the next twenty minutes rocketing around our yard, skidding around corners, and making low passes behind Stella.

Snow has been a right of passage for each of our dogs. Zele’s first snow was deeper, amounting to a several inches. She jumped into it. Stella frolicked and ran in her first snow, a red blur against the white flakes. Bodhi took his time figuring out what this stuff was, eventually grazing on it before tearing loose.

I’m actually looking forward to our first big dump of snow now, just to see what Bodhi does in it. I imagine seeing just two blacks eyes and a black nose amid a deep drift.

In five short days Bodhi will be six months old. At around sixty pounds he’s already the size Zele attained in adulthood, and just a little shorter than Stella. It feels like our little pup with the short, pointy tail steadily expanded into this big boy right before our eyes. He’s become a handsome guy, too.

Blackbird's BodhiSweetness has emerged as a dominant personality trait. He roams from one of us back to the other in the evening, sticking his nose into a chair or hopping his front paws up on a leg to peer around a laptop, and see what we’re looking at.

Laying on the floor, I’m covered in Labrador as he tries figuring out how best to lay with me; between my legs, across my belly, at my side. Still a pup, he’s all over the place.

We’re still up in the air about formal training; the Warrenton Kennel Club has been booted out of the Fauquier Fair Grounds building and is searching for a replacement space. Their fall and winter training schedules have been canceled as a result. I’ll look into a local business, Hungry Like the Woof, where training classes are offered. They’ve received positive recommendations from our veterinarian and from a friend who co-owns Doodle Bug Dog Walker.

We’re working on climbing stairs at the house. His life here generally involves the first floor and the outdoors, which requires no more than a couple of steps off the porch. The basement is open to him, but he has yet to tackle the stairs down or, if we bring him in through the walk-in slider from the back yard, the stairs up. He has no trouble climbing or descending the steeper stairs at our shop, however, so it’s a matter of familiarity and wanting what’s at the other end of the climb. I’ve given him training treats as incentive, and he’s gotten comfortable putting two paws on the first step down. One at a time.

Bodhi reaches out for a treat on the steps downstairsRight now the prince is laid out from the exertion of working up the courage to tackle that first step. Later today we’ll take a long walk around Springfield, a loop neighborhood nearby. We’ve been busy with holiday social events this weekend and he’s spent more time in his kennel than normal. He needs a good stretch. For now my pal snoozes. Good life.

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