Thursday, February 8, 2018

☸️ Bodhi Unleashed

A white Labrador Retriever sits during a training class sessionThis week’s training class session with Bodhi let us show off what a good boy he is. Normally, all dogs must be kept on-leash, attached to the owner while in class. This makes it unlikely that any two or more dogs will meet, which while adorable, is a recipe for a dog fight in the mildly chaotic (for the dogs) classroom.

While working through recall training (”come”) in our little area, I told Bodhi to stay each time as I walked to the limit of his six-foot leash. He complied, sitting calmly while ignoring the other dogs. I’d wait a varying length of time, then say his name, pause, then say come. He’d hustle right over for a click and a treat.

Sally, our instructor, noticed how well he complied with the stay command, and asked whether he had a solid grasp of it. I said, “yes.” She replied that she’d be comfortable letting him work off-leash to practice recall from increasing distances.

So my pal got to lay out on the floor in a stay while I walked around behind him, stood apart from him, and generally ignored him. Only when he heard the word come did he come bounding over to me.

He wasn’t ever far from me, and still had his leash attached to his training collar, but he was out of my hands in a room with six other dogs, and he behaved himself.

I’m so proud.

This week we continue working on loose leash walking, placetouch, and the usual sits and downs, and add recalls and sitting from a down. It’s surprisingly confusing to a dog who’s already laying on the floor to hear sit. We’ll increase the distance and duration of each exercise, but distraction will have to wait for each class session. Maybe we’ll get some warmer days, and a walk on the Warrenton Greenway will provide that needed stimulation.

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