Saturday, March 3, 2018

☸️ Bodhi's new harness ... works!

Labrador Retriever wearing a new harnessWe took a walk on the Warrenton Greenway this morning, Bodhi and me and his new harness. This one sports an attachment ring on his chest as well as one on his back. I used the front connection hoping to gain more control when he pulls at the leash. Wow, did it work well!

He slowed as the leash pulled him around every time, keeping him right with me, and eventually just stayed alongside. I briefly switched the leash to the ring on his back to see how that worked, and found it was almost as effective as the front ring. I think he’d already gotten the idea that pulling wasn’t working, though.

We’ll continue to work at heeling using this new harness over the coming weeks.

I signed us up for another seven-week session with Sally at Hungry Like the Woof—this one leads to a Canine Good Citizenship certification if Bodhi’s training is effective. Dogs need to be one year old for certification, so we’ll have to wait a month and a half after this next class ends before examination. Plenty of time for more work at heeling, greeting, and general behavior.

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