Sunday, April 22, 2018

☸️ Happy boy in his second training class

Bodhi at his second training classA brief update on our Bodhi boy. April 16 makes him ten months old, but there’s a big dog now where my little guy used to be. We have to remind those meeting him for the first time that he’s still a puppy.

Just this week we realized his growth has slowed, but his chest is filling out. He’s going to be a stunning-looking dog.

We’re taking the Canine Good Citizen class at Hungry Like the Woof together, which is more a continuation of what we began at the Family Dog class a few months ago than something new. Lots of loose-leash walking (a less strict form of heeling with a dog), meet-and-greet, “leave it,” and backing out of confined spaces. There’s a lot of behave-yourself as other dogs parade by, too.

We’re having a great time, including the walk over from and back to my car parked at Kelly Ann’s Quilting. Warrenton is a town on a hill, so whether walking or running there’s a workout to be had and a thousand places to sniff and explore. Walking helps Bodhi settle down quickly once we’re in the classroom.

Now and then I take a moment to think back on the little wild thing who came home with us and compare him to the (mostly) well-behaved young dog we have now. It’s been a gradual progression, so it’s easy to forget how far he’s come.

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