Saturday, June 9, 2018

☸️ The long walk

BGB at our turn-around rest stop
We took a long walk this morning, the longest of Bodhi's life, down the Warrenton Greenway and back. My pal did well, only getting visibly tired about two-thirds of the way through. The Greenway now stretches two miles end to end, which we doubled. That's quite a boost from our usual walks together.

We left our shop with a hat on my head for sun and bottle of water in my pocket for Bodhi. The Greenway features a dog park and water fountain for people and dogs in the first eighth of a mile, so we didn't have to crack the water bottle until about halfway down the trail. I took a quick sip and began pouring the rest into my free hand for Bodhi, who lapped at it for only a few seconds. He wasn't all that thirsty.

Our turn-around point at the current end of the trail was a good place for a rest break. The last half-mile or so was under a full canopy of trees, leaving the stone-dust covered trail cool.

Bodhi was well-behaved most of the way out and back. He's taken to ignoring people as they pass, which makes the walk more pleasant, but other dogs are still his kryptonite. I figured out a new grip on a short lead that doesn't pinch my hand as he tries pulling to meet a passing dog.

He isn't pulling to see other dogs quite as hard anymore, though, which contributes to our enjoyment.

The bulk of our walk back up the trail was easy since Bodhi was tuckered out. He stayed right next to me, only straying for a sniff of the greenery once or twice. The day's heat had begun to flare. I think he was looking forward to the cool floor of our air-conditioned shop.

We'd almost reached the trestle bridge at the trailhead when I decided on a diversion into the dog park. It's finally open again, and the grass is relatively thick and healthy. I wish they'd mow it a little longer; it'd have a better chance of surviving the summer heat. Bodhi spent a few minutes sniffing around the several other dogs while I retired to a bench in the shade. He found me not long after and laid at my feet. I knew it was time to head back to the shop, so off we went.

It's a small milestone for us in our life together, but one I've looked forward to. Having my dog walk calmly alongside as we tread a long trail is one of life's simple joys.

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