Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Takeout: 5 beer-menu rules I wish all bars would follow

Kate Bernot—The Takeout:

I want bars that are thinking about what we drinkers need to find our next favorite beer. Get us from point A to “holy Moses, this is delicious,” and you’ve done your job as a bar. As an advocate for beer drinkers coast to coast, I propose bars take to heart these five simple rules that will improve their beer menus.

Rules one and four are particular pet peeves of mine.

I want an eight-ounce serving of higher-ABV beers so I can enjoy more than a sample without getting tipsy. Some beer bars and breweries offer ten-ounce tulip glassware for their stronger beers, but not nearly enough. An eight-once half-pint is tough to find.

Another issue is lopsided menus. Sure, IPAs are popular. I love a few, myself. Four or five on a menu of ten is too much, and shortchanges other beer styles. And it should go without saying, knowing that so many beer drinkers comment, “I don’t like bitter beers,” that a couple of lagers and a decent wit or blonde ale would do more to increase customer traffic than anything else.

Cater to your customer’s desires, not your personal whim.

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