Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Why it's time for skeptics to reconsider the IPA

Kate Bernot—The Takeout:

To those who, like [my friend] Gwen, believe they don’t like IPAs but haven’t tasted one in years, I issue you a challenge: Try one of the new breed of American IPAs that’s risen to popularity in the past couple years.

You’ll find them labeled “hazy,” “New England-style,” “NE IPA” or with any matter of “juicy” puns in their names.

I heartily agree. Mosaic- and Citra-hopped beers began making the rounds a couple of years ago. My local craft brewer, Wort Hog Brewing, put on tap a New England IPA called Shenandoah Haze last summer, and followed with Citra pale ale. Citra PA became my favorite of their beers, ousting Rye Not Helles lager from that spot for its explosive apricot and citrus flavor neatly balanced with plenty of malt.

If you’re prone to the “I don’t like hoppy beers” claim, read through Kate’s column and challenge yourself to try a New England IPA or similar. You’ll be surprised.

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