Wednesday, August 21, 2019

☸️ Little Brother

Symon, our new Golden Retriever pup
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That little side-eyed furball at right is Bodhi’s new baby brother, Symon. He’s just five weeks old but shows every indication of being a handful, just like the big boy.

Our next dog was Kelly’s pick after Stella passed. With a number of trips coming up and a minimum six-month-of-age limit at our friends’ kennel, ‘Ohana Pet Paradise, we were resigned to wait until next year for a pup. That was until Kelly noticed that nearby Golden Willow Retrievers had another litter on their hands. When she further learned that two of the boys weren’t spoken for—from a litter of seven—it was a short discussion that led to Symon’s adoption. We picked him out yesterday evening.

Symon will join Bodhi in our home September 8. I’m greatly looking forward to the event. Each of our puppies goes through a meet-the-older-dog moment in our front yard, giving rise to many photos and a memorable day. Expect to see more of this little guy.

This all comes about just after Bodhi turns two, settles into himself, and becomes—perhaps—our best. I don’t write that lightly. He had a very big hole in our hearts to fill after we lost Zele, but it does feel like he’s filled it with his own sweet personality, good behavior, and happy demeanor. I wish the rest of my days could be filled with my pal.


We took a ten-day driving trip from our home in Virginia west to the Chicago suburb of Oak Park to visit my sister, Pam, and her family this month. My brother-in-law, Jason, was good enough to pick up a few six-packs of Wisconsin craft beer for me while visiting his parents before we arrived, to which I added a local Chicago favorite. I’m enjoying a New Glarus Two Women lager as I write this. Two Women is a medium-bodied, malty-sweet lager that goes down easy. This is the definition of a house beer, though unless you’re living in Wisconsin, you won’t find it anywhere. Alas, New Glarus only distributes in their home state.

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